• 1. 
    Where was Alexander Graham Bell born?

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Toronto, Canada
  • New York, New York
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2. 
    What caused Alexander Graham Bell to become interested in the science of sound?

  • He worked as an acoustic engineer at the Paris Opera
  • His mother and wife were both deaf
  • He enjoyed listening to music
  • He was a professional pianist
  • 3. 
    Who was Thomas Watson?

  • Alexander Graham Bell's brother
  • Alexander Graham Bell's teacher who taught him about sound
  • The inventor of the phonograph
  • Alexander Graham Bell's assistant
  • 4. 
    What invention is Alexander Graham Bell most known for?

  • Steam engine
  • Telephone
  • Camera
  • Telegraph
  • 5. 
    What were the first words spoken over the telephone?

  • Can you hear me now?
  • Hello, who's there?
  • This is a test
  • Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you
  • 6. 
    What major modern-day company began as part of Alexander Graham Bell's company Bell Telephone Company?

  • Apple
  • General Electric
  • Microsoft
  • AT&T
  • 7. 
    Bell's metal detector was used to try and find a bullet inside of what U.S. President?

  • William McKinley
  • Benjamin Harrison
  • Grover Cleveland
  • James Garfield
  • 8. 
    What invention by Alexander Graham Bell would have helped ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean?

  • All of the above
  • A radio phone that could communicate over thousands of miles
  • A device to help find icebergs
  • A GPS location device
  • 9. 
    True or False: Alexander Graham Bell did not want a telephone in his study because he found it intrusive.

  • TRUE
  • 10. 
    How was Alexander Graham Bell honored in North America after his death?

  • The recording of the first phone call was played on the radio
  • All the telephones were silent at the same time for a short period
  • All the telephones rang at the same time
  • The Star Spangled Banner was played over the telephones
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