• 1. 
    Can I move a reserved instance from one region to another?

  • ​Yes
  • No
  • ​It depends on the region
  • Only in the US
  • 2. 
    Will an Amazon EBS root volume persist independently from the life of the terminated EC2 instance to which it was previously attached? In other words, if I terminated an EC2 instance, would that EBS root volume persist?

  • Yes
  • ​No
  • Only if I specify (using either the AWS Console or the CLI) that it should do so
  • ​It depends on the region in which the EC2 instance is provisioned
  • 3. 
    TRUE or FALSE : By default a new user in IAM has permisiions to log in to the AWS Console.

  • TRUE
  • 4. 
    Which AWS CLI command should I use to create a snapshot of an EBS volume?

  • aws ec2 create-snapshot
  • ​aws ec2 fresh-snapshot
  • aws ec2 deploy-snapshot
  • aws ec2 new-snapshot
  • 5. 
    TRUE or FALSE : By default a new user in IAM has permissions to launch EC2 instance

  • TRUE
  • 6. 
    How can you audit the activities happening into your AWS account such as which users logged in to console, who terminated EC2 instance, who created S3 bucket etc

  • Check the CloudWatch logs
  • Check the IAM logs
  • Check the IAM policies
  • Check AWS CloudTrail
  • 7. 
    Which user has no permission by default

  • EC2 user
  • IAM user
  • Root user
  • Service user
  • 8. 
    When will you incur costs with an Elastic IP Address (EIP)?

  • When an EIP is allocated
  • When it is allocated and associated with a running instance
  • When it is allocated and associated with a stopped instance
  • Costs are incurred regardless of whether the EIP is associated with a running instance
  • 9. 
    Amazon's EBS volumes are ________.​

  • Object-based storage
  • Block-based storage
  • Encrypted by default
  • ​Not suitable for databases
  • 10. 
    Which of the following is not an IAM best practice?

  • Delete user accounts not in use
  • Attach policies to individual users
  • Manage permissions by adding users to groups
  • Enable MFA on user accounts
  • 11. 
    True or False? With organization level SCP policy you can grant additional permissions to child account

  • True
  • False
  • 12. 
    The use of a cluster placement group is ideal _______.

  • When you need to distribute content on a CDN network
  • When you need to deploy EC2 instances that require high disk IO
  • Your fleet of EC2 Instances requires low latency and high network throughput across multiple availability zones
  • Your fleet of EC2 instances requires high network throughput and low latency within a single availability zone
  • 13. 
    Is it possible to perform actions on an existing Amazon EBS Snapshot?

  • ​Yes, through the AWS APIs, CLI, and AWS Console
  • No
  • ​It depends on the region
  • EBS does not have snapshot functionality
  • 14. 
    Which component of EC2 holds the operating system, software configuration, tools and agents - as a reusable template?

  • AMI
  • EC2 Dashboard
  • RDS
  • Machine Template
  • 15. 
    Which AWS monitoring service is EC2 publishing metrics at regular intervals to?

  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon CloudSearch
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon Config
  • 16. 
    In a policy, a specific characteristic that is the basis for restricting access (such as the current time, or the IP address of the requester).

  • Condition
  • Effect
  • Principal
  • Resource
  • 17. 
    Individual instances are provisioned ________.

  • ​In Regions
  • ​In Availability Zones
  • Globally
  • 18. 
    True or False : An explicit Deny in IAM precedes over an explicit allow

  • TRUE
  • 19. 
    An EC2 Instance hosts a Java based application that accesses a DynamoDB table. This EC2 Instance is currently serving production users. Which of the following is a secure way for the EC2 Instance to access the DynamoDB table?

  • UseIAM Roles with permissions to interact with DynamoDB and assign it to the EC2Instance
  • UseKMS Keys with the right permissions to interact with DynamoDB and assign it to the EC2 Instance.
  • UseIAM Access Keys with the right permissions to interact with DynamoDB and assign it to the EC2 Instance.
  • UseIAM Access Groups with the right permissions to interact with DynamoDB and assign it to the EC2 Instance.
  • 20. 
    One of the elements is an optional element of an IAM policy document, which one is it?

  • Action
  • Version
  • Effect
  • Condition
  • 21. 
    If there are 100's of AWS account and you want to grant access to individual users for all or some accounts, you should

  • Setup SSO access to all accounts
  • Create individual IAM users per account
  • Configure same credentials for each account so that user does not have to remember different credentials
  • 22. 
    Can you attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?

  • ​Yes
  • ​No
  • ​If that EC2 volume is part of an AMI
  • Depends on which region
  • 23. 
    I can use the AWS Console to add a role to an EC2 instance after that instance has been created and powered-up.

  • TRUE
  • ​FALSE
  • 24. 
    In an IAM policy, following entity represents the user or service to whom access to a resource is granted or denied?

  • Statement ID
  • Resources
  • Principal
  • Conditions
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