• 1. 
    What is a genesis block?

  • The first block of a Blockchain
  • A famous block that hard coded a hash of the Book of Genesis onto the blockchain
  • The first block after each block halving
  • The 2nd transaction of a Blockchain
  • 2. 
    What is a blockchain?

  • A distributed ledger on a peer to peer network
  • A type of cryptocurrency
  • An exchange
  • A centralized ledger
  • 3. 
    Each block of a Blockchain consists of which of the following?

  • A hash pointer to the previous block
  • Timestamp
  • List of transactions
  • All of the above
  • 4. 
    Who is the creator of Ethereum?

  • Vitalik Buterin
  • Jihan Wu
  • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Roger Ver
  • 5. 
    Maximum number of bitcoins that can be created

  • 100 Million
  • 12 Million
  • 21 Million
  • No Maximum
  • 6. 
    Asymmetric encryption uses

  • Public Keys only
  • Private Keys only
  • Public and Private Keys
  • Proof of Stake
  • 7. 
    Bitcoin was first coined by

  • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Blockchain
  • Santhosh Samsung
  • China
  • 8. 
    Where is the bitcoin central server located?

  • Washington DC
  • Undisclosed Location
  • London
  • None of these
  • 9. 
    Once data entered into the blockchain can be

  • Unchanged
  • Modified
  • Tampered
  • Updated
  • 10. 
    Which feature is not supported by Blockchain Technology

  • Distributed Peer to Peer Network
  • Centralized Network
  • Immutable Ledger
  • Mining
  • 11. 
    What is a blockchain wallet?

  • Blockchains began as open source, public efforts. Private blockchains were developed as corporations and other administrative bodies began to realize the benefits of distributed ledger technology, particularly within systems of a private enterprise and when managing sensitive transaction data. With increasingly robust and modular privacy and permissioning solutions, industry experts anticipate that private and public blockchain networks will converge.
  • A blockchain wallet contains the public key for others to transfer cryptocurrency to your address and the private key so you can securely access your own digital assets. A blockchain wallet usually accompanies node hosting and stores cryptocurrencies on your computer. The safest place for storing digital assets is offline, what is often called “cold storage.” Read “7 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Crypto Safe” for some best practices on protecting your digital assets.
  • As a new technology that makes use of global digital networks, the need for blockchain programmers is immense, and in recent years, programmers have flocked to the blockchain space. A key aspect that distinguishes blockchain programming from other Internet ventures is the focus on security and cryptography. ConsenSys Academy’s Developer Program offers programmers from any background the chance to become a blockchain expert in weeks. Industry experts from around the world teach the course, which focuses on Ethereum blockchain development.
  • Distributed ledger technology is a broad category that encompasses blockchain technology. A distributed ledger is just what its name implies. Instead of accounting for data through one centralized computer, distributed ledger technology uses many participants in a network to maintain a digital record. Blockchain technology supplements a distributed ledger with cryptographic functions and a consensus algorithm to enable greater incentive design, security, accountability, cooperation, and trust.
  • 12. 
    What was the first use of blockchain?

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Tether
  • 13. 
    What is "Blockchain"?

  • When you block multiple people in a row on social media
  • When you block multiple people in a row in sports
  • A system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network
  • He application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry
  • 14. 
    What was the first transaction via blockchain/bitcoin

  • Buying pizza
  • Buying a house
  • Buying a car
  • Buying soda
  • 15. 
    Who invented blockchain?

  • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Joe Thuney
  • Tom Brady
  • Saoyao Mizaki
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