• 1. 
    Find the best definition to describe: Cooperative Learning

  • A method of teaching a content to the best of each learners abilities.
  • A supportive technique focused on inquiry-based learning.
  • An education approach that organizes classroom activities into an academic and social learning experience.
  • 2. 
    True or False: Cooperative Learning can encourage student-centered learning.

  • True
  • False
  • 3. 
    True or False: Is Jigsaw a techniqueof Cooperative Learning?

  • True
  • False
  • 4. 
    Cooperative Learning is:

  • Teacher-centered
  • Student-centered
  • 5. 
    Which of the following examples are NOT part of Cooperative Learning?

  • Think-pair share
  • Jigsaw
  • Problem-based Learning
  • Project-based Learning
  • 6. 
    What can be a disadvantage of Cooperative Learning?

  • Not all students work well together
  • It needs a solidified framework
  • Practice limitations
  • 7. 
    Cooperative Learning DOES NOT

  • include students from various abilities
  • improve understanding
  • restrict students based on ability
  • 8. 
    True or False: Students will get a break from teacher lectures by using cooperative learning?

  • True
  • False
  • 9. 
    True or False: Cooperative learning will help aid students to master group work.

  • True
  • False
  • 10. 
    Which of these is the proper order of Cooperative Learning

  • Individual Learning, Group Discussion, Dividing / Grouping, Peer Teaching and Post Test
  • Group Discussion, Dividing / Grouping, Individual Learning and Post Test
  • Dividing / Grouping, Individual Learning, Group Discussion, Peer Teaching and Post Test.
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