• 1. 
    What civilization is the setting for the Epic Tale of Gilgamesh?

  • Babylonian
  • Greek
  • Assyrian
  • Sumerian
  • 2. 
    Who was Gilgamesh in real life?

  • King of Babylon
  • King of Uruk
  • A priest
  • A scribe
  • 3. 
    In the story, why do the gods send Gilgamesh a challenger?

  • Because they grow scared of Gilgamesh
  • Because he is bored and is mistreating the people of Uruk
  • Because Gilgamesh says he is stronger than the gods
  • Because the gods think it would be fun
  • 4. 
    What is the name of the wild man that the gods send to challenge Gilgamesh?

  • Enkidu
  • Humbaba
  • Murdok
  • Shamash
  • 5. 
    What happens when Enkidu and Gilgamesh fight?

  • They fight to a draw and the become best friends
  • Gilgamesh kills Enkidu
  • Enkidu kills Gilgmesh
  • They both end up dying in the fight
  • 6. 
    Where do the two friends travel in order to fight the monster Humbaba?

  • The Dry Desert
  • Egypt
  • The city of Babylon
  • The Cedar Forest
  • 7. 
    True or false: The gods decided that one of the two heroes must die and they kill Enkidu.

  • TRUE
  • 8. 
    What does Gilgamesh go in search of in the latter part of the story?

  • The meaning of life
  • The Holy Grail
  • The Secret Gardens of Babylon
  • Eternal life
  • 9. 
    True or False: Gilgamesh learns how to defeat death by the end of the story.

  • TRUE
  • 10. 
    From what god did Gilgamesh get his courage?

  • Ninsun
  • Shamash
  • Murdok
  • Adad
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