• 1. 
    Which statement implies the children were nervous about riding Scary Mountain?

  • "It was so high and fast, we could not believe it."
  • "Almost every rider screamed when it took off."
  • "We thought about chickening out."
  • "We were so high up and we got there so quickly."
  • 2. 
    How is Aunt Amy similar to the kids on the trip?

  • Aunt Amy and the family do things quickly.
  • She has fun and does adventurous things like Nelson and Mary.
  • Aunt Amy and John are both scared about going over the waterfall
  • She is bothersome like Sam and should spend the day with Grandma.
  • 3. 
    Which explains how John and Nelson felt about jumping from the rocks into the deep water?

  • Nelson jumped right off the rocks into the deep water, but John waited until last to jump because he was a little bit nervous.
  • John and Nelson were both nervous about jumping off the rocks because they were higher up than they looked.
  • John jumped right off the rocks into the deep water and waited patiently for Nelson to jump next.
  • John and Nelson waited with the adults before they swam into the cold water with the other kids.
  • 4. 
    Which sentence from the selection describes the advantage of a rollback?

  • "A computer launches the Scary Mountain trains."
  • "Sometimes it does not give the train enough speed to get over the hill."
  • "'We would get two rides.'"
  • "'We're already going to be scared out of our minds anyway.'"
  • 5. 
    About which event do the kids and the adults agree?

  • Sam is a pest and is not wanted on the trip.
  • The water is freezing and no one should play in it.
  • Everyone was scared that Jouh almost went over the waterfall
  • Jumping into Midnight Hole from the high rocks was the best part of the day.
  • 6. 
    Which is the purpose of the statement, "It all happened so fast, it took our brains a minute to catch up with our bodies"?

  • To emphasize the ride's overwhelming speed.
  • To express the ride's ability to rattle the mind.
  • To demonstrate the ride's powerful locomotion.
  • To explain the ride's unbelievable height, twists, and turns.
  • 7. 
    Which sentence from the selection supports the idea that the trip provided a variety of enjoyable activities?

  • "Mom and Dad were taking Matt and me to Spin N Splash for the day."
  • "It has over 75 rides,including 17 roller coasters."
  • "It is the best place in the world!"
  • "We had been to Spin N Splash before and had ridden almost all of the rides."
  • 8. 
    How do John and Nelson act differently when John nearly goes over the waterfall?

  • John is calm most of the time, and Nelson does not know how to help him.
  • John is upset at the adults for not helping him, and Nelson is trying to stop him.
  • John is scared of going over the waterfall, and Nelson stays calm while saving him.
  • John is mad at himself for being careless, and Nelson does not know what to do next.
  • 9. 
    How do John's emotions change from the beginning to the end of the story?

  • He was nervous but excited about hiking, but then felt lucky and happy about going to Midnight Hole.
  • He was freezing and unhappy because the water was cold, but then became stuck and scared in the waterfall.
  • In the beginning, he was excited and happy, but became scared by the waterfall and felt lucky when he was safe.
  • In the beginning, he was impatient and restless about hiking with his family, but then became calm and confident when he jumped over the falls.
  • 10. 
    Why does the narrator ask, "Did we scream"?

  • The beating of the children's hearts was so loud in their own ears they could not hear their screams.
  • The screams of the other riders make it too difficult to hear their own excited screams.
  • The ride is so thrilling and intense that it is over before they are even aware of their own screams.
  • The force that pushes the riders back into their seats also weakens any screams made by the riders.
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