• 1. 
    What was the Underground Railroad?

  • A network of Southern spies during the Civil War
  • A railroad that ran underground like a subway
  • A network of homes and people who helped slaves to escape to the North
  • A secret railroad that ran from Georgia to Pennsylvania
  • 2. 
    What did the conductors of the Underground Railroad do?

  • They were owners of homes along the route
  • The conductors helped by providing food and money
  • They led the slaves along the route to freedom
  • They were like drivers for each train
  • 3. 
    What were the homes and barns where slaves stayed along the Underground Railroad called?

  • Tracks
  • Hotels
  • Stations
  • Engines
  • 4. 
    What was the most common way people traveled on the Underground Railroad?

  • By horse
  • By carriage
  • By foot
  • By train
  • 5. 
    True or False: The Underground Railroad was a safe and fun way to travel.

  • TRUE
  • 6. 
    Over the course of many years, around how many slaves escaped using the Underground Railroad?

  • 5,000
  • 1,000
  • 500
  • 100,000
  • 7. 
    After the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, where did slaves have to escape to in order to be fully free from capture?

  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Canada
  • California
  • 8. 
    What famous conductor of the Underground Railroad was a former slave who had a reward for $40,000 placed on her capture?

  • Harriet Tubman
  • Mary Todd Lincoln
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Maria Stewart
  • 9. 
    What was the first state in the United States to abolish slavery?

  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • 10. 
    Who were abolitionists?

  • People who wanted slavery to be made illegal
  • People who led the slaves along the Underground Railroad
  • People who tried to catch escaping slaves
  • People who owned slaves on their plantations
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