• 1.  Who was proclaimed the emperor of Germany in 1871?

  • Otto Von Bismarck
  • Victor Emmanuel II
  • Count Cavour
  • Kaiser William I of Prussia
  • 2.  Who became the King of United Italy in 1861?

  • Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Victor Emmanuel II
  • Count Cavour
  • Giuseppe Mazzini
  • 3.  What helped in the formation of a nation-state in Britain?

  • The formation of a nation-state in Britain was the result of a sudden upheaval.
  • In 1688, the monarchy in Britain had seized the power from English Parliament.
  • The parliament through a bloodless revolution seized power from the monarchy which gradually led to the emergence of a nation-state.
  • The British nation was formed as a result of a war with Scotland and Wales.
  • 4.  Who was responsible for the unification of Germany?

  • Count Cavour
  • Bismarck
  • Garibaldi
  • Giuseppe Mazzini
  • 5.  The allegory of the German nation who wears a crown of oak leaves was a:

  • Marianne
  • Union Jack
  • Britannia
  • Germania
  • 6.  A large part of Balkan region was under the control of:

  • Russian empire
  • Ottoman empire
  • German empire
  • Habsburg rulers
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