CBSE  /  Class 12  /  Chemistry  /  Amines
  • 1. 
    Acetylation of a secondary amine in alkaline medium yields

  • N, N-dialkyl acetamide
  • N, N-dialkyl amine
  • N, N-dialkyl amide
  • acetyl dialkyl amine
  • 2. 
    Primary, secondary and tertiary amines may be separated by using

  • iodoform
  • diethyloxalate
  • benzene sulphonyl chloride
  • acetyl chloride
  • 3. 
    An organic compound (X) was treated with sodium nitrite and HCl in ice cold conditions. Bubbles of nitrogen gas were seen coming out. The compound (X) may be

  • a secondary aliphatic amine.
  • a primary aromatic amine
  • a primary aliphatic amine
  • a tertiary amine
  • 4. 
    Cyclohexyiamine is stronger base than aniline become

  • in aniline electron pair is involved in conjugation
  • in cyclohexyiamine electron pair is involve conjugation
  • in aniline-NH, group is protonated
  • in cyclohexyiamine nitrogen has a negative charge
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