• 1. 
    Ernest became famous

  • even as a child
  • when he became young
  • when he became an old man
  • when he died
  • 2. 
    The fame had come to Ernest

  • unsought for and undesired
  • with his hard work
  • because of his resemblance with the Great Stone Face
  • because of his wealth
  • 3. 
    A poet came to the village and

  • Ernest already knew him
  • he did not like Ernest
  • he had come to meet Ernest
  • he had been invited by the villagers
  • 4. 
    In the meeting between the poet and Ernest

  • Ernest did all the talking
  • the poet was much impressed by Ernest
  • Ernest was much impressed by the poet
  • they did not like each other
  • 5. 
    Ernest was much impressed by

  • the fact that the poet resembled the Great Stone Face
  • what the poet had written
  • the thoughts of the poet about him
  • the poet when he said that Ernest resembled the Great Stone Face
  • 6. 
    Ernest examined the poet’s features again and again because

  • he was so charmed by his looks
  • he felt he had met him somewhere
  • he felt he had a disease
  • he was comparing him with the Great Stone Face
  • 7. 
    The poet thinks himself to be a failure because

  • His dreams remained unfulfilled
  • He could not hear the distant voice of a heavenly song
  • He lived far away
  • Ernest was much better than him
  • 8. 
    What does the poet compare Ernest’s life with?

  • The Great Stone Face
  • Poetry
  • Himself
  • Ernest’s mother
  • 9. 
    Who all were part of Ernest’s daily audience?

  • A group of neighbours
  • College Professors
  • Doctors
  • The Poet
  • 10. 
    What was Ernest to the various people who came to meet Ernest?

  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Counsellor
  • Tourist Guide
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