• 1.  What gave Nazi state its reputation as the most dreaded criminal state?

  • Extra-constitutional powers were given to the newly organised forces like Gestapo, the SS and SD
  • People could be detained in Gestapo torture chambers and sent to concentration camps
  • No legal procedures were there for the arrested people
  • All the above
  • 2.  What was the slogan coined by Hitler when he followed his aggressive foreign policy?

  • Messenger from God
  • Conquer the world
  • One people, one empire, and one leader
  • we are Aryans, the real rulers
  • 3.  When and among which countries was the Tripartite Pact signed?

  • 1940, Germany, Italy and Japan
  • 1939, Germany, Austria and USSR
  • 1940, England, France and USA
  • 1938, England, Germany and USSR
  • 4.  Which incident persuaded the USA to join the war?

  • Hitler’s attack on Eastern Europe
  • Hitler’s policy of genocide of the Jews
  • Helplessness of England and France
  • Japan’s attack on the US base at Pearl Harbour
  • 5.  What was Hitler’s ideology of ‘lebensraum’ or living space?

  • Multi-storeyed buildings should be built in Germany to increase the living space
  • The world must be occupied enabling the material resources and power of the German nation.
  • New territories had to be acquired for settlement
  • Both (b) and (c)
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